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Who says that a home-based studio has to sound like it was done in a...HOME?

Not here...the most important tools in the studio are the EARS!!!

Take an experienced recording engineer, a versatile and well-trained musician, add good equipment, and you'll end up with a recording that you'll not only be more than happy with, but can stand up to the quality of many current releases...

I know the buzzwords and I have them: ProTools, Neumann, AKG, Lexicon.  So there...

Larry Williams - (owner) songwriter, musician, arranger, and producer.

In the Studio News

1. I finished a 3 song demo for Lauren Brody-Stewart which will be sent to Disney.
2. I scored the music/stings for a Training Video for Lawry's Restaurants

3. I've been working on a 4-song Pop/R&B demo for Steve Jackson
4. I've re-mastered the CD for alt/rock artists Bob DeCarteret and Alan Wolfson.  They decided to re-mix a couple of tunes.
5. The 4-song demo for Steve turned out so good, it is now an 8 song master which is being shopped to a few friends around town.  More info when I see a contract...


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